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Understanding Asthma – Symptoms

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What Are the Symptoms?


Asthma symptoms include episodes of:

* Tightness or pressure in the chest.
* Shortness of breath.
* Wheezing (a high-pitched whistling sound that occurs when exhaling).
* Coughing, especially at night.

Early warning signs of the onset of an asthma episode include:

* Signs of a cold.
* Frequent cough, especially at night.
* The need to use your rescue inhaler.
* Losing your breath easily (exercise-induced bronchospasm).
* A decrease in lung function, as measured by a spirometer or peak flow meter.

Call Your Doctor If

* You or another person is experiencing an episode of asthma for the first time. Asthma can quickly become serious if not treated promptly and properly.
* Your rescue inhaler (usually albuterol) does not work to relieve your symptoms within 20 minutes
* You or the person with asthma cannot talk in complete sentences. Other things to look for: flaring nostrils; the skin between the ribs is sucked in with each breath; the lips or the skin under the nails appear grayish or bluish. These are all signs of extreme oxygen deprivation. Get immediate emergency treatment.

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>>> Consult online with doctors this issue or
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